There Is a Shift in the Wind, As Well As the Podcast

As you may have recognized recently, the front page to the website has changed. Soon, the intro to my podcast will as well. You may be wondering why the sudden shift?

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When I began my journey with the blog and subsequent podcast, my goal was simple: learn to embrace my own parenting imperfections as well as help as many other dads and parents as possible. However, I soon realized I was really good at talking to one specific type of dad – Doctors. Don’t get me wrong. Every dad that has gifted me with their time on the show thus far has been an awesome experience and opened my eyes even more to the varying definitions of dad in the world. However, I found it difficult for myself to understand their career backgrounds and what got them there due to my lack of experience in their field.

I also recognized that MY personal journey on rediscovering the definition of dad really started from my youth. As I mentioned before, I grew up with a dad that was a physician. I saw how the dads of that generation interpreted the dreaded “work-life balance,” and I can more easily relate it to what I am seeing today. When I have spoken to other dads about parenting, a common theme continued to arise – many of these dads were doctors, and they were the ones I felt like I could help the most. Thus, I made the decision to really focus on the physician dad and how to better aid in their journeys to become what they truly want to be: the best parent, best partner, and best doctor they can be.

Now with that said, the blog will remain the same – it will follow my journey as a dad. I will also cover topics on how COVID is affecting our youth and those around us, parenting tips, and I will probably throw in some wood working projects along the way.

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The podcast will be geared toward the physician dad experience. HOWEVER, this does not mean that other dads who are not physicians can’t get something out of it. I have learned so much from my previous podcast guests, including Justin Prince and raising a daughter in acting, or Kyle Barger and balancing being a high level businessman as well as being a girl dad. I love to meet the men who are preparing to be a dad (like Justin Kalemkiarian or Andrew Tisser) and discuss their excitement and fears of prospective fatherhood. These types of discussions will continue on with the podcast.

There will also be a new addition to the podcast episodes. I will be focusing on what I refer to as the 6 B’s of being a Physician Dad. This will include topics discussed solely be me as well as experts in the fields of these ideals and how they affect the physician dad. Some of these experts have already been on the show, and I hope to have them back some day. Next week’s blog post and podcast episode will cover this and what I mean by it, so I hope you check it out.

If you are a physician dad feeling like you are failing at home, I get it. I have been there, and I know this podcast will be of great benefit to you and your loved ones.

Know a physician dad? Share this resource with them. They may not mention it, but they may be feeling just as lost as I was at the beginning of this journey.

Stay Healthy

Stay Safe

Embrace the Imperfection

Imperfect Dad, MD

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