The 6 B’s of Being a Physician Dad

When I started my journey on embracing my imperfections as a parent, I quickly dug into parenting books, blogs, and podcasts. I would kick myself every time I made a “parenting mistake,” and I would blame this on my ineptitude as a father. Many physician parents do this to themselves. Starting in high school andContinue reading “The 6 B’s of Being a Physician Dad”

There Is a Shift in the Wind, As Well As the Podcast

As you may have recognized recently, the front page to the website has changed. Soon, the intro to my podcast will as well. You may be wondering why the sudden shift? When I began my journey with the blog and subsequent podcast, my goal was simple: learn to embrace my own parenting imperfections as wellContinue reading “There Is a Shift in the Wind, As Well As the Podcast”

COVID Vaccines with Pregnant or Breastfeeding Moms

Below is an opinion based article and not meant to be medical advice. Please discuss any medical decisions while pregnant with your personal physician. In the pediatric realm we get many questions involving pregnant or breastfeeding moms and what medications are considered ok during those times. Many moms receive their flu booster or Tdap duringContinue reading “COVID Vaccines with Pregnant or Breastfeeding Moms”

How Are the COVID Vaccines Working in the Real World?

If you caught my previous posts on the various SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, you would see that I made an initial error, confusing the terms efficacy and effectiveness. One has to do with how well the vaccine works in a set trial, where the other has to do with how well it works in the real world.Continue reading “How Are the COVID Vaccines Working in the Real World?”

The Importance of Sleep and Your Health as a Parent

If you prefer to listen to this in a podcast format instead, you can listen to Episode 10 of the Imperfect Dad, MD Podcast. When our kids are born it is a joyous occasion. There are many tears, smiles, and sighs of relief. Then comes the second night and cluster feeding. The frequent awakenings forContinue reading “The Importance of Sleep and Your Health as a Parent”

Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Review

It is the end of February, cases seem to be plateauing in many areas, and we now have approval for a third COVID vaccine.  As I did in my previous articles on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, I will discuss the use of this specific vaccine, dosing, efficacy, and side effect profiles.  I will NOTContinue reading “Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Review”

Where Did All the Flu Go?

In the Fall of 2020, there was a growing concern in the medical community that a winter of rising COVID cases plus the expected Flu season would throw our resources over the edge.  There were several communities where ICU beds were at capacity, cases were rising with no end in sight, and the death tollContinue reading “Where Did All the Flu Go?”

Time Management as a Parent

Finding time in our days to get everything accomplished is not always easy. It is sometimes impossible. But how do we find ways to better manage our time? Check out this week’s blog post to find some tips and tricks on how you can start doing this TODAY.

Building an X-Wing Derby Car – Cause That is What a Dad Is For

One of the most exciting times in a young Cub Scout’s life is getting to participate in the Pine Wood Derby. This year will be a little different due to COVID, making the racing virtual. However, last year was a show. There were a lot of awesome cars, both fast and creative in their builds.Continue reading “Building an X-Wing Derby Car – Cause That is What a Dad Is For”

My Experience With the Pfizer COVID Vaccine

I finally finished my COVID vaccine series this last Tuesday (as per the excited photo used in this post). I restrained from posting the obligatory photo of me getting the vaccine, my Band-Aid, my vaccination card, etc, this time around. The purpose was I wanted to see HOW I responded to the vaccine first, andContinue reading “My Experience With the Pfizer COVID Vaccine”