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What does it Mean to Be an Imperfect Dad?

  • We recognize that failure is expected and should be embraced
  • We are constantly growing from our imperfections via our Brains, Body, Beliefs, Better-Half, Business, and Bucks
  • We are more purposeful at home with our time and mindset
  • We live with no regrets when it comes to our family

What Are You Looking to Change?

  • Want to become more PRESENT at home?
  • Want to improve your mindset to aid in ALL things parenting?
  • Want to keep your body and mind HEALTHY to improve your role as dad
  • Want to learn how your beliefs directly and indirectly affect your kids?
  • What to improve how you approach your business or money to make life at home the way you always wanted it to be?

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What Happens When We Don’t Improve Our Core Foundations of Fatherhood?

  • We are less likely to handle stressful situations at home the way we want to
  • We are less present when spending time with our family
  • We let work or money become a barrier
  • We do not become the role model we strive to be involving a healthy lifestyle or belief structure
  • We have regrets later in life

This Podcast Can Help You!

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Ever feel like you are the only one out there failing as a parent? Too many times we see the happy pictures on social media and assume there is something only we are doing wrong. Not often enough do we express our failures as a parent in a positive light and use them to grow to become even better. No one out there is perfect. We are imperfect beings created to fail. But through that failure we are meant to find our way in life to become a better mom or dad. Not a perfect parent; but an imperfect one.

Embrace the imperfection.

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