Imperfect Dad MD Podcast

The definition of “dad” has changed in the 21st century, as has the role of the Physician Dad.

By utilizing my knowledge as well as those of experts in the various fields of the 6 B’s (or core foundations), I am here to help any physician dad become the parent they were meant to be.

The 6 B’s include:

  • BRAIN – How your thoughts and feelings directly affect everything you do in parenting.
  • BODY – Healthy eating, exercise, sleep. All of this plays a direct role in how you parent and how your children view a healthy lifestyle.
  • BELIEFS – Religion. Faith. Race. Gender roles. Politics. Sexual orientation. ALL of these topics and more are derived early in life through your child’s development of their subconscious mind and belief system. Learn how YOU can directly affect this.
  • BETTER HALF – Your relationship with your spouse, significant other, or lack of a partner can directly play a role in your child’s development, behaviors, and future relationships
  • BUSINESS – Your work life directly and indirectly affects your home life. It may be the way you feel, the hours you work, or the attitude you have about your career that can all directly improve or interfere with your parenting.
  • BUCKS – Money is a tool to get to the life we desire. Understanding how your money works, the best way to protect it, and findings ways to earn more while working less can all improve your life at home.

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Divorce and Being a Dad with Dr George Chaucer Hwang, Rockstar MD Imperfect Dad MD Podcast with Dr Jeremy Toffle

Are you a physician parent and divorced?  Being a single dad is not an easy task, let alone juggling that with the grueling schedule of being a doctor.  One of my 6 B's of being a physician dad is your Better Half.  However, sometimes that Better Half aspect is how you handle parenthood WITHOUT someone else there.  Divorce, widowed, single parenting – all of these create a unique environment for our children and how they grow up to understand what a healthy relationship is.  In today's episode I speak with Rockstar MD, Dr George Chaucer Hwang.  He is an anesthesiologist practicing in the Washington DC area and graduated from Georgetown University.  He is a blogger at and recently started a podcast focused on creating Rockstars out of all of us in our own lives.  You can hear more from him at his podcast The Rockstar MD Show.  Amongst the many things that he self identifies as, one of those is being a divorced parent.   Dr Hwang was gracious enough to speak about his divorce, how it came about, and how it affects his ability to be a dad.  He is extremely open about this, and I hope that no matter where you are in your relationships at home you listen to this episode and gain insight from his experiences.   He also has some really cool side hustles that he talks about at the end of the episode, and you definitely don't want to miss out on hearing about those!On a side note, I saw something around the 6:38 mark that I am going to speak on more on the FRIDAY show.  Make sure to listen in!Interested in more topics not covered here?  Check out my blog at  to see if I discussed it there.  Can't find what you are looking for?  Send me an email either at my website above or at and I can try to cover it in my next show. Want to find other dads to talk to and get advice from?  Join our Facebook group at podcast is a member of the Doctor Podcast Network, where other doctors find community in starting and producing their own podcasts.  Want to learn more about the network?  Head to the website today at !  Remember to SUBSCRIBE and LEAVE A REVIEW!  I want to be able to help as many dads and parents out there, and I can't do it without YOUR help!
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  3. Teaching our kids about Beliefs – One of the 6 B's of Being a Physician Dad
  4. Friday Review on The Brain – Utilizing the CTFAR Method in Real World Scenarios
  5. The Brain – One of the 6 B's of Being a Physician Dad

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