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How Do Birthdays Affect Our Kids?

Listen to the Podcast, Episode 97, on The Imperfect Dad MD Podcast! Or choose from one of your favorite podcast players below. The role of birthdays has been celebrated as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.  They initially only celebrated the birth of the gods and goddesses, with the Greeks lighting candles for […]

Omicron and Kids – Do They Get Sick?

Check out the Podcast Episode on this topic releasing January 19th, 2022 here or click one of the buttons below! Well here we are, early into 2022 and there is still no shortage of COVID in the community.  Omicron has definitely become the main variant of our region and has been continuing to spread like […]

COVID Vaccine For 5-11 Year Olds – Making Decisions as a Parent

I apologize for the long hiatus from the blog.  As I have always mentioned, family comes first for me.  With various events, obligations, work, and other situations, the ability to find time to simply type a blog post seemed hard to find.  I even had to stop my second podcast show (Kids and COVID) due […]

Why Controlled Trials and Masking in School Won’t Work Now

As the school year has progressed for the last 1-2 months, the topic of masks in school still remains a hot discussion.  We hear parents on both sides of the argument express their points for or against the use of masks in our kids.  There are also parents stuck in the middle, not sure where […]

DIY Drying Rack Drawers

It has been a while since I created a blog post. You can blame it on work, family, COVID fatigue, or simply lack of time. However, I am excited to write about a recent woodworking project I undertook in our new home the last few weeks (it took this long due to limited time to […]

New School Year, Masks, Vaccines, and Delta

Want to Hear the Podcast Episode Instead? Check it out at the Kids and COVID podcast page or search for it on your favorite podcast player. The following is information utilized from a recent talk given by Dr Alice Sato, an epidemiologist with Childrens Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, NE. What is Going on […]

Teaching Your Kid To Lose Gracefully; Even When They Win

The summer months are amongst us, and that means team sports, activities, and other events are blossoming everywhere. In our neck of the woods, this usually includes various baseball seasons, soccer, the beginning of football practices, and the most important sport to our family – swimming. Swimming has become a primary sport in our household […]

Early Sports Specialization and Our Kids

Listen to the Podcast Episode Here With the summer months among us we are seeing multiple sports physicals every day in the office. Football, softball, baseball, track, soccer, and more – everyone is starting to get back to their respective activities as local restrictions allow. With this brings great excitement for our youth, as many […]

School Closings Due to COVID – How Did This Affect Our Kids?

Listen to the Podcast Episode March 2020 was a tough time – most kids went on spring break, never to return to school that year.  The pandemic presented a difficult decision for our school systems and lawmakers – what do we need to do to try to help stop the spread of this illness we […]

Do Kids Get Sick From COVID?

This last week I released a new podcast titled Kids and COVID. With that release, Episode 3 discusses more of the data on how kids in the 12-17 age range compare to others. This is the same data that was used during the EUA meeting for the recent Pfizer vaccine authorization. Below is a synopsis […]


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